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Marjan Medhat

Native Ascent is directed by Marjan Medhat, a qualified Horticulturist, Landscape Designer and Florist.

Over the last ten years, Marjan Medhat has worked predominately as a Landscaper through Native Ascent, the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens and other landscaping firms. Throughout this period, Marjan has accumulated contacts with whom she works, and engages as subcontractors to assist with different projects as per required.

Marjan Medhat started her Horticulture career in Holland as a Florist. After completing a four year trade diploma in floristry, she went on to further her creative interest and ability in the Art of Floristry known in Northern Europe as 'Masterbinding'.

In 1999, Marjan came to Sydney and embarked on a career change and studied Landscape Design. She attained her qualifications with distinctions whilst completing an apprenticeship at the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens, throughout which she has been developing Native Ascent.

Native Ascent acknowledges and embraces the vast existence of tastes, needs and desires, and recognises the need for diversity. We are therefore particular in approaching each project with a fresh, original and specifically appropriate vision to suit you, your needs and desires, and your environment.


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