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Native Ascent specialises in the design and installation of gardens.

Whether you are starting a garden from very little or would like to redesign an existing garden, Native Ascent is keen to help you grow your garden.

Services include:

  • Landscape plans
  • Development Applications
  • Planting schedules
  • Sketched plans
  • Planting advice
  • Horticultural advice
  • Landscape quotes
  • Garden maintenance schedules

Experienced in:

  • Coastal gardens – Dealing with the challenges of wind and salt
  • Produce gardens – Getting you involved in the garden
  • Ornamental gardens – Colours, textures and focal points
  • Bird attracting – Listening to what is happening in the garden!
  • Formal / Structural gardens – Clean lines and highly design oriented
  • Parterre gardens – Reinventing the Renaissance
  • Native gardens – Fast, hardy, dynamic and original
  • Vertical gardens – Creating a green wall for aesthetics or to regulate temperatures
  • Roof gardens – Maximising our green footprint

From balconies, terraces and patios to small and large gardens, Native Ascent creates beautiful, diverse and inspiring gardens designed specifically for your environment, needs and desires.

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